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Do you have a medical mystery?

Could it be your dental health and oral microbiome causing a smoldering infection?

Are you worried about your long term health and risk for Alzheimer's and cancer? 
Did you know that 80% of adults over 35 have some form of gum disease?

Do any of these sound familiar...

✔️ Bleeding or receding gums

✔️ Inflammation and sensitive teeth
✔️ Toxicity

✔️ Cavities & Cavitations

The good news is: There are answers out there.
That's exactly why we're excited to invite you to...


The Top Ten Sources of Chronic Inflammation & Toxicity in the Mouth with Dr. Gerry Curatola

Here's what you'll discover in the Masterclass...

  • You will learn about the intimate connection between your mouth and the health of your organ systems microbiomes and how to support them

  • Dr. Curatola's cavitation protocol - learn what to do and not do before your next oral health visit

  • What impacts the oral microbiome and your immune system? and how to fix it

  • How to protect yourself from Alzheimer's Disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma skin cancer
  •  How the oral microbiome is connected to heart conditions and diabetes

Here's what you get: 

That is me, Shivan Sarna and Dr. Curatola is a world leader in biological dentistry, an in demand educator and an advocate for re-connecting the mouth with the body. Biological dentistry is the missing link and answer for chronic conditions in today's modern medical landscape. 


The Top Ten Sources of Chronic Inflammation & Toxicity in the Mouth
with Dr. Curatola, DDS

BONUS Masterclass! Unlocking the Gateway to Vitality
with Dr. Tia Trivisonno, ND, LAc

Q&A Replay with Dr. Gerry Curatola, Hosted by Shivan Sarna
Instant Access 


✔️   Dr. Curatola's presentation slides
✔️   2 chapters from his book, The Mouth-Body Connection
The Cavitation Protocol eGuide
✔️   The Oral Screening eGuide
✔️   Searchable transcripts for all the masterclasses & Q&A's
✔️  +$200 off a new patient virtual consultation with Dr. Gerry Curatola


How It Works

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Dive deeper into the nuances of chronic inflammation and toxicity in the mouth by listening in and learning from Dr. Gerry Curatola as he address the most frequently asked questions!

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Here's everything you get when you join us for this Masterclass...

The Top Ten Sources of Chronic Inflammation & Toxicity in the Mouth 
with Dr. Gerry Curatola


✔️  Instant On-Demand Access to the Masterclass 

✔️ Instant On-Demand Access to the Q&A Session Replay! 

✔️ Downloadable, Searchable Slide Presentation

✔️ Downloadable, Searchable Transcripts

✔️ 2 Chapters from Dr. Curatola's book, The Mouth Body Connection

✔️ 2 Guides: Cavitation Protocol & Oral Screening

✔️ BONUS Masterclass: Unlocking the Gateway to Vitality

 Want a sneak peek?
Here are some slides from the Masterclass…

Presentation Slide

Presentation slide


Presentation Slide MC Curatola

Presentation Slide MC curatola



LRS HEAD SHOT  spkr_gerry-curatola

Dr. Gerry Curatola

Dr. Gerry Curatola, biological restorative dentist with over 35 years of experience in his practice, and he’s also worked as a consultant for researching biocompatible restorative materials for dental and oral surgery.

He is on a mission to educate about the real truth about your teeth and gums… and all the things your dentist is probably not telling you.

Tia Trivisonno

Dr. Tia Trivosonno

Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Trivisonno is trained through the art and science of natural medicine to blend the conventional wisdom of biomedical diagnostic techniques with preventive strategies that utilize a wide variety of therapies including herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, counseling, acupuncture, and homeopathy.


Your Host: Shivan Sarna

Shivan Sarna is a seasoned health author & journalist and is the founder of the patient advocacy groups, SIBO SOS & Chronic Condition Rescue and is the creator behind the Digestion SOS™ Documentary series, The IBS & SIBO Summits, The SIBO Recovery Roadmap® Course, The Gut & Microbiome Rescue Summit, The Lymphatic Rescue Summit, The Dental Health Connection Summit & the Liver & Gallbladder Rescue Summit. Plus more summits releasing soon.

Her work has helped connect thousands of IBS, SIBO/IMO and chronic condition patients around the world with leading health experts in a multitude of specialty fields.